TheShepherdess embarks on a variety of activities including spiritual, medical, and charity outreach to widows, orphanages, schools and mental health institutions.

 TheShepherdess aims to encourage and motivate people of all age from the ethnic minorities who are struggling to overcome rejection as a result of past life experiences. Organise community based workshops across Colchester and Essex in the main area of Healthcare education and poverty alleviation. Providing food and giving out old clothes overseas.

Spiritual Activities

The Shepherdess meets once weekly where we have interactive sessions.

We pray and plan strategies on how to meet the individual needs and empower them in areas where they need help.



Medical meetings

We always have medical programs, which includes taking blood pressure, Diabetes testing, Oral dental care and health promotion teaching for medical staff within the areas we visit. We advise on health and social care . Giving information and where they can get help and recommending them to organisation who are into what they require.

In some cases we train health-care staff in our private learning Disability  home.



We also visit widows, orphanages and schools and provide them with money, school items and clothes. In some orphanages, we help in the cooking of the food and serve the children. We visit towns and villages, providing them with information and training for their staff and personnel.

We give out dry foods groceries and give fresh food once a month.