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International Women's Day 2018 (Day 1)

United we care…

The shepherdess is a non-profit organisation with primary objectives to motivate and encourage people of all ages  overcome rejection as a result of life challenges. Also support people with Learning Disabilities live an Independent life in the Community.

Our Aim is to support them  gain confidence, discover  hidden talents, therefore bringing them to a place of  Peace and Independence. We achieve this by creating  a platform where they meet like-minds, grow relationships that would put an end to isolation. We organize workshops, seminars and training sections.

“Giving to the needy is a life style that has a heavenly reward from God”

We accept donations from individuals and organizations which are used to improve the livelihood of families and individuals.

General Charitable Purposes

We care for the needy whom have by family disputes, law engagements and unemployment found themselves in positions of loss and want


Education | Training & Workshops

We organize training and workshops to create opportunities for people in need or are willing to change their disposition

Overseas AID/Famine Relief

Part of what we do is to provide relief and aid to displaced persons in conflict and famine prone areas especially in Africa

the town Councilor with the MVP

Economic/Community Development

We partake in community development to help boost the economic situation of communities through youth development and sporting activities


Disability The Prevention or Relief of Poverty


Religious activities


Yetunde Odebiyi

Yetunde Odebiyi (UK)

Great job The Shepherdess is doing. Reaching out- equipping the people in the community
Olunowo Dayo

Dayo Olunowo (UK)

The Organization has fulfilled in the area of community development creating a better society
Tony Shitan

Tony Shitan (Nigeria)

You can’t stop God’s work

If you are happy to hear from us by email, please provide those details above. We will keep you updated about our work and the difference your support is making. We promise never to share your details with any other organisation for marketing purposes.


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